SunBridge Schools Title IX Info


Persons needing information about SunBridge Schools Title IX Policies or needing to make a report should contact the Title IX Coordinator

Ann Sommers at ,via phone at 419-725-5437 or via mail at:

SunBridge Schools 

C/o Title IX Coordinator

2729 124th St.

Toledo, OH 43611


SunBridge Schools Title IX Team:

Coordinator: Ann Sommers (

Investigator: Allison Fillous (

Decision Maker: Joe Cordella (

Appeals Panel: SunBridge Board or Subcommittee (


Title IX Team are trained using the Title IX Training Series from Public School Works 


Title IX
Enacted in 1972, Title IX is a Federal civil-rights law that protects everyone from being discriminated against on the basis of sex in educational programs and activities. Although Title IX has improved educational access for millions of students, sexual harassment continues to be a widespread problem. In May of 2020, the U.S. Department of Education (DOE) updated its guidelines for how schools must respond to sexual-harassment claims. The guidelines, which are effective August 14, 2020, apply to all types of sexual harassment, including student against student, student against school employee, school employee against school employee, and school employee against student. One of the new guidelines most important changes is that all employees, without delay, must report possible acts of sexual harassment to a Title IX coordinator. This course will: define sexual harassment; explain schools’ obligations with regards to sexual-harassment claims under Title IX; and outline Title IX investigative procedures.
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